level design

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Platforms: PC

CTF-Castle is a multiplayer map designed for the first person shooter Unreal Tournament by Epic Games. The map is intended for the capture-the-flag (CTF) game mode. In CTF-Castle players are called upon to defend a medieval castle against an attacking enemy. The map features close-quarters fighting, battlement sniping and many other thrilling multiplayer scenarios all amidst a snow clad landscape.

Whilst studying at Futuregames I designed CTF-Castle during a period of four weeks. My personal goal with the project was to challenge myself to break out of my singleplayer mindset and design a multiplayer level. Secondly, I wanted to focus on the design of the map and thus level art was not a priority. Nearly everything in the map is built with BSP brushes.

Four weeks later I came away a better level designer with a map that is compatible with the established ruleset of Unreal Tournament, ready to be arted and published. 

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